Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tomie DePaola

What a fun evening! We got to meet Tomie DePaola! We will be reading a lot of his Strega Nona books now that we have his new book collection, The Magical World of Strega Nona.  There are 6 Strega Nona stories in the book, as well as a few more exciting treats that give us a chance to get to know Tomie a little better. There's a CD of the original Nona lullaby and some of Tomie's favorite recipes! 



  1. what a nice meeting it was! I'm so happy for you! college paper will help you and you child be well skilled in English!

  2. I adore such wonderful family evenings when different ages come together and have fun. And reading is the most exciting process during them.

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  4. My son really likes reading this author's books, as each story is very interesting and informative for my child and his friends.


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