Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tips on Tuesday: My Pile, Your Pile

Try this fun little game called My Pile, Your Pile.  A reading specialist introduced this game to me quite a while ago and I've been playing with my students and kids since!  Create flash cards to practice any number of reading skills, such as letters, letter sounds, high frequency words or high frequency word phrases.  Start turning over cards.  If your child knows the skills in a snap, have them  keep the card.  Make a pile in front of yourself with the cards that your child still needs to practice.  It makes learning just a little more fun! My daughter is so excited when her pile is bigger than mine!  I can easily see the words that she needs to practice in a snap, as well!

Letters:  Try making cards with lower case and upper case letters.  Start with letter identification.  Then move on to letter sounds.

High Frequency words:  Check out the Fry's Instant word list and make some cards.  Start with a small number and continue to add to them.  These words are said to make up about two-thirds of all the words students will encounter in elementary school reading.  It's good to know them in a snap!

High Frequency phrases:  There is a considerable amount of research that shows the benefits of reading in phrases.  Creating phrases using the Fry word list helps with reading fluency.  Try making some cards that look like these:
                     Who will make it?
                     How long are they?
                     This is a good day.

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