Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5 Activities to try after Reading a Book!

It's National Screen-Free week! Yep...that means no TV screens and no computers this week!  Are you participating?  Here are five activities to do with your kids after reading your favorite books this week!  Have fun!

1.  Act out your favorite scene from your book.  Dress like your characters and gather props!

2.  Create a limerick, a haiku or any other type of poem about your favorite character.   For example:

U-Unbelievably enormous
D-drools a lot
G- Good dog
E- Everybody loves him

3.  Design a new cover for your book including characters, setting and the problem.

4.  Create paper bag characters and put on a puppet show relating to your favorite book.  Cut a square hole in a cardboard box and use it as your stage.

5.  Write a new ending to your favorite story. Think about all of the things that might have happened or should have happened.

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