Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tips on Tuesday: Making Connections

Boost your child's comprehension by making connections!  While reading, think of connections to your own life, another book or a world event.  This will help your child to remember key facts in a story, thus boosting comprehension.  Encourage your children now to make connections, no matter how small, so that when they are reading independently, they remember this helpful strategy!

Text to self:  While reading a book about cupcakes, recall and discuss a time that you made cupcakes together.  Did your experience match the book?  How was it different?

Text to text:  Was there something about this book that reminded you of another book?  A similar character trait, a similar setting or problem?

Text to world:  What about this book made you think about something else going on in your school, community or house?  Did something about this book remind you of something that you saw on TV?  In a newspaper?  In science class?

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