Thursday, April 5, 2012

Owen's Marshmallow Chick

 Kevin Henkes never lets me down!  We are big Fans of Kevin Henkes and his Valentine board book, Lilly's Chocolate Heart and were thrilled to see that there was an Easter equivalent!  Check out Owen's Marshmallow Chick   [OWENS MARSHMALLOW CHICK-BOARD] [Hardcover].  It's a perfectly sized book to pop into your little one's basket and share on Bunny day!  Owen is so excited to see all of the special treats in his basket on Easter morning.  He proceeds to pop every piece of candy into his mouth, one by one, stating, "my favorite!"  All of the candy that is, except for the marshmallow chick that happens to be the same color as his beloved blanky. He wouldn't dare eat that!!!  What I especially love about this book is that my little Kylie can read it to Brynn!  It's a quick and easy read appealing to all ages!  Happy Easter, everyone!

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