Monday, April 9, 2012

I'd Really Like to Eat a Child

We stumbled upon this funny little story just last week!  What a great way to start up a conversation about eating healthy!  This tiny little crocodile eats a bland diet of bananas each day and wants to spruce things up a bit.  Mom and dad of course reject the idea of eating a child...they want their crocodile to grow big and strong!  Who knew that bananas would do the trick!  Keep reading as this little crocodile tries his best to eat a child.  When Achilles the crocodile finally gets the chance to eat a child, he creeps quietly, getting closer and closer, only to run home as quickly as possible to eat more bananas!  I bet you can't guess why!  Happy reading!

Who's it for?  This is a great read aloud for the little ones!  The reading level is 2.4.

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