Sunday, April 22, 2012

Disneynature's CHIMPANZEE

Happy Earth Day!   It's a rainy day out here today, so  why not celebrate the day with  the Disneynature CHIMPANZEE book and a trip to the  movies! Kylie picked up the level 2 reading book at her school book fair and has had a hard time putting it down since.  We plan on seeing the movie that just came out yesterday, so it's a great way to gather some information and get excited about the chimps.  Oscar is a baby chimpanzee living in the African rain forest.  A rival group of chimpanzees attacks Oscar's group, leaving him motherless.  The other chimpanzees have their own babies and can't take care of Oscar.  He tries to find food, but struggles.  Soon Oscar starts to follow Freddy, the chimp leader.  Leaders don't usually help raise baby chimps, but Freddy makes an exception for baby Oscar.  This story gives us a small glimpse into the loving relationship created between the two chimps.

Who's it for?  This book is a great read aloud geared towards children in the lower grades.

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