Friday, April 6, 2012

10 Activities to do with a poem!

April is National Poetry month!  I was never a big fan of poems until I started teaching second grade and realized all of the fun, educational activities that can happen with a poem!   All you need to do is find some of your favorite poems and then try some of these activities!

1.  Illustrate the poem.  Read the poem and decorate the rest of the page with images relating to your thoughts about the poem.

2.  Act out the poem.  Have your little ones create props relating to the poem and recite!  Help your child memorize the poem!

3.  Read and reread the poem!  Poems can help your little ones with fluency and expression.  Grab a microphone and keep reading that poem!  Send the poem home in a envelope to read over and over to loved ones and have the envelope signed each time to show how many times the poem was read.

4.  Pick out rhyming words, compound words, contractions, nouns,verbs adjectives, synonyms spelling words, count for whatever it is that you happen to be working on!  Use a pointer, highlight the words, underline them...the list goes on and on.  Make an 'I spy" game out of it if you wish!

5.  Set up a Poetry cafe and snap for your favorite poems.

6.  Use the same format of your favorite poem and have your students change some words to create their own, based on their own interests or information.

7.  When reading a poem aloud to your little ones, have them complete the lines with the words that rhyme.

8.  Create a poetry notebook with all of the poems that you have read throughout the year.  It's always a great confidence booster when your struggling readers can page through a binder and read several pages independently.

9. Look up definitions of unknown words in a poem to increase vocabulary.

10.   Cut poems into strips and have your students place the strips in order again.  This reinforces sequencing and pattern identification.


  1. This is excellent. I'm doing a post on April 12, in which I'll be discussing getting kids involved in writing poetry and this will be excellent post to link to.

  2. Thanks! Feel free to link! Happy Poetry Month!


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