Saturday, March 24, 2012

Young Adult books aren't just for kids!

The Hunger Games movie is out!!  I have been looking forward to a night out at the movies with my nephew who read The Hunger Games per my recommendation.  Actually, a good number of the books that I have read in the last couple years have been young adult books.  It turns out that these books are great reads for moms and dads too!  Here are a few of my favorite YA books!

The Book Theif is a powerful book about a little girl who shares a love of books with various individuals in Nazi Germany.  This story is narrated by death itself and provides such a humorous, tearful and tragic series of events that make this book hard to put down.  I loved the relationship that the main character, Leisel, shared with her stepfather and Max, the Jew hiding in their basement.  We are reminded of the true meaning of family and courage.  This is a definite must read!

Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series.  For the record, I am an Edward fan through and through!  I loved the books as well as the movies (except for the talking wolves) and couldn't wait to start the next book once I was finished with the  last!  The Twilight series is a chilling story of a love triangle involving a vampire, a werewolf and a high school girl named Bella.  If you haven't already picked these up, give them a try!

  Divergent, by Veronica Roth, is another story involving a dystopian society, where everyone at the age of 16 must choose a faction best suited to for their personality.  Beatrice, the main character soon finds that she is not like the others.  I just started reading this book, but if the recommendations match up, I will enjoy this one and you just might too!

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