Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tips on Tuesday: Creative ways to point out words in stories

It is so important for new readers to point to words while they are reading.  It helps with word to word correspondence and helps to keep their place in the text.  While it is not necessary for kids to continue pointing to words once their reading improves, pointers are fun for so many other things!

1.  Point to words that rhyme.
2.  Point to the beginning of the sentence.
3.  Point to the punctuation at the end of the sentence.
4.  Find words that are repeated in the text.
5.  Point to picture clues.
6.  Point out high frequency words.

Here are some creative ways to point to those words!  You may even have some of these things lying around your house!

You can make a homemade hand with a stuffed garden glove and a stick!

A popsicle stick and a puffy star sticker!

If you have princesses in your house, I'm sure you have one of these!  Any wand will do!

Swirly straws!  

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