Thursday, March 29, 2012

Russell the Sheep

Russell the SheepHave you been introduced to author Rob Scotton yet?  I purchased Love, Splat for the girls on Valentine's day and fell in love!  Scotton has several books featuring Splat, a cute cat that always seems to get himself into crazy situations.  Just this past week, I went to the bookstore in search of Splat.  I just needed more!!  Instead, I found Russell.  I must say, Scotton did not disappoint.  Russell is a sheep that can't sleep.  He tries several different venues and nothing seems to help him to fall asleep.   He then decides to count.  He counts his legs:  He just doesn't have enough.  He counts stars.  Millions later, he's still awake.  He then decides to count sheep.  Still, nothing quite works until he remembers to count one more important thing.
I shared this book with Brynn's preschool class and it was a hit!  After finishing the book, they played, "Are you Sleeping" and fell asleep just like Russell.  What a great way to spend my morning!
Who's it for?  This is a great read aloud for preschool and the early grades.  The reading level is 1.9

Brynn, Mommy and Russell

Taking a nap with Russell the Sheep:)

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