Thursday, March 15, 2012

Books for St. Patrick's Day

My husband and I may be one of the few couples left in this world without an ounce of Irish in our heritage.  Nonetheless, we both just love to jump right into the festivities on St. Patrick's Day.  Enjoy these books on St. Patrick's day, whether or not ye kiss the Blarney stone...

Tales from Old Ireland HC w 2 CDs is a collection of 7 favorite Irish folk tales, including some familiar ones similar to Cinderella and some a little less recognizable.  The illustrations are quirky and entertaining.
Who's is for?  This book is best suited for children, ages eight and up.  However, some stories are okay for the younger child.  Just take a quick preview of the story.  The reading level is 5.4.

Eve Bunting takes us on a little trip up Acorn mountain with a little boy who is still too small to attend the St. Patrick's Day parade in the morning.  He decides to prove to himself that he's absolutely NOT too small to make it all the way up the mountain.
Who's it for?  This book is recommended for children ages five and up.  It's a great read aloud. The reading level is 2.7.

This is a cute flap book for the tiny Irish ones in your life.  Each page includes a hidden leprechaun waiting to be found and tells a bit about the many traditions celebrated on St. Patrick's day.
Who's it for?  This book is for children ages 2 and up.

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