Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tips on Tuesday: The Art of Book Dropping

We all know that when a child chooses a book, their interest levels increase dramatically.  But how can we aid in this process without letting anyone  know?  It's called book dropping.  Some of you do this at home and you don't even realize it!  Here's what to do...

1.  Choose a book that's just right for your child.  Keep in mind reading levels and interests.
2.  Place the book in a highly visible place.  A nightstand, a coffee table, a kitchen counter...
3.  WAIT.
4.  Hopefully, your child will notice the book and choose to read it!

If you place a book in a certain spot and don't see much activity, give it a day or two and then try moving it to another highly visible area.  Now that I've let you in on a book choosing secret, get moving!!  Choose wisely...this book drop could open up a lifetime of new adventures in reading!!

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