Monday, February 27, 2012

The Monster at the End of this Book App

iPhone Screenshot 1I think I may be a little behind on this one, but I just couldn't resist talking about my lovable, furry friend, Grover and his AMAZING app!  The Monster at the End of this Book, by Jone Stone, was one of my favorite books growing up!  I just loved the silly monster and I laughed out loud at the different things that Grover did to try to stop me from turning the page.  I really didn't think this book could get any better...until I bought the app!  This app makes the book come to life!  I've always tried to make a voice that sounds like Grover, but there's no need for that anymore!

The app has several features that make it a great pick for any child.  Why? 
1. The app looks and reads like a book and even includes the sounds of a page turning!
2. The words are highlighted as Grover speaks.
3.  Grover is the narrator!
4.  Your children can interact with Grover.  They can help knock down brick walls and nailed pieces of wood, untie ropes and tickle Grover.  If your child doesn't touch the right spot, Grover will guide them to the next task!
5.  There is a "parent tip" and a "young reader" mode which includes on/off switches for your convenience.
iPhone Screenshot 5

Our favorite part is when Grover says, "you not only get us closer to a monster at the end of this book, but you make a TERRIBLE MESS!"  This app has provided hours of fun and belly laughs for my three year old and has even kept the interest of my five year old.  If you haven't done so already, hurry up and head to the itunes store to purchase tons of fun for the entire family!  It's well worth the $3.99! You won't be disappointed!

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