Saturday, February 18, 2012

For the Athletic Princesses in your Life...

Kylie had her first soccer game today. It's always funny to see a bunch of kids swarming around the ball! Although Kylie's team lost 6-0, they all had a blast and Kylie was excited about the two balls that she blocked while tending the goal. She is our little athletic princess. She loves the glitter and dolls, but also loves getting down and dirty with the boys! A while back, my husband purchased, Do Princesses Scrape Their Knees?, by Camela LaVigna Coyle. It quickly became one of our favorites!  Through a series of questions asked by her little brother, a little princess teaches us the new meaning of being a princess.  She teaches us how to try, fail and encourage others in a positive way.  This little girl scrapes her knees, belly flops into the pool, tries yoga and does it all while having fun!  After all, that's what being a princess is all about!  As an added bonus, the book includes a "Princesses Rule" pink ribbon at the end of the book!

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