Monday, February 6, 2012

Celebrate Black History Month with some of my Favorites!

Celebrate Black History Month with a few of my favorite books!  February is one of my most favorite months to teach and it's all because of these awesome biographies!  Each one of these authors takes us back to a different time in our history and helps us to capture the feelings, both good and bad, of all of these African American heroes.  
Who are these for?  All of these stories are appropriate read-alouds for second grade and up.  The reading levels, however, vary.  Some are more difficult than others.

Lesson Plans/Activities: (perfect for second or third grade)
1.  Have your students create a biography.   Have them choose six important facts or events from a particular person's life.
2.  Fold a large piece of white construction paper in half, lengthwise.  Then fold it into thirds. Open it up to see six squares.   
3.  In each square, have your students write a sentence about an important fact or event.  Have them illustrate the square.  
4.  Repeat for the rest of the squares.  When then have finished, they should have a "biography" or  timeline of events!  Share and display!

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