Wednesday, February 8, 2012

100th Day Worries

 The 100th day is just around the corner for Kylie!  She has been counting down the days for quite some time!  I'm sure many of you have already hit the day, but if you started after Labor Day, it's coming soon!  100th Day Worries, by Margery Cuyler, is my favorite 100th day celebration book.  Many teachers ask their students to bring in 100 items of their own to celebrate the day.  Jessica is in a panic because she just does not know what to bring!  The pressure mounts when everyone starts to bring in their small items.  Luckily, Jessica's family comes through with 100 "pieces of love."  Each member of her family collects sets of 10 items, including barrettes, buttons and X's for hugs.  What a great way to show how ten groups of ten make 100!

Who's this for?  This book is geared towards 5 to 8 year olds.  The reading level is 3.0.

Lesson Plans/Activities:
Math Activities:
1.  Have your students bring in a collection of 100 small items.  Count, sort, share.  Have students line them up on the floor.  Discuss how 100 items looks very different.  When strung out, some items look like a lot less or more!
2.  Have students bring in 100 small items from home that they no longer want.  Hand each student $100 of play money and watch your students spend away!
3.  Create necklaces with fruit loops.  Encourage students to create patterns and make markers for each set of 10.

Writing Activities:
1.  Make a 100 book full of sentences.  I would like 100____.  I would NOT like 100____.  I wish I could _____100 times.  I can lift 100____.  If I had $100, I would_____.
2.  Assign each letter of the alphabet.  Challenge children to write words that equal 100 points.
3.   Have your students create a story about what they'll be doing when they're 100.  Have them illustrate as well!

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