Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tips on Tuesday! The 5 Finger Rule

Use the five finger rule when choosing a book to read.  You're sure to get a book that is just right for you!  
Here's what to do:
1.  Choose a book that interests you.
2.  Open the book to any page and begin to read.
3.  Hold up a finger for every word that you cannot recognize or pronounce.

1 Finger:  This book is probably too easy for you.
2 Fingers:  This book is probably good for you.
3 Fingers:  This book is most likely, JUST RIGHT for you.
4 Fingers:  This book may be a little difficult for you to understand.
5 Fingers:  Choose another book.

Place a basket of numbered stretchy gloves in your book center and encourage your kids to independently pick out books suitable for them!  When you're at the library or book store, just pull out those fingers to make the right choice!

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