Monday, January 23, 2012

Nonfiction Monday: Tracks in the Snow

Well!  We finally got a bit of snow this weekend!  The kids have had a wonderful time making snowmen, throwing snowballs and running all around!  Today, however, we actually had a mini nature lesson on our walk to to the bus stop!  We found tracks in the snow and wondered what on earth could be making all of these tracks!  This mommy was on a mission today to find out all of the answers.

Who's Been Here?: A Tale in Tracks, by Fran Hodgkins, is a great little story about a trek through the snow.  They find all different types of tracks, such as a moose and a bear.  Unfortunately, they also find more than just the tracks of a skunk.  What a great little story to encourage a discussion about our wildlife living just outside.  There is an informative section at the end of the book that explains how each track was identified.

Couple Tracks, Scats and Signs (Take Along Guides) , by Leslie Dendy with Hodgkin's tale to find out more information about the critters living in your neck of the woods.  We identified deer, fox, dog and cat tracks in ours!

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