Monday, January 16, 2012

Let it Snow!

It's freezing here right now. I say bring on the snow!  I'm ready for a little of that white stuff!  Check out some of these snowy picture books..some newer ones and some oldies but goodies!  If we can't have any snow yet, maybe these books can take us there in our imagination!


Did you ever wonder what those snowmen do at night while you're sleeping?  We love this imaginative story about snowmen at play!

 Check out this newly released, wordless (well, almost wordless) journey through the snow on a borrowed sled with some special forest creatures.  The story will change every time you read it.  Lita Judge's pictures brilliantly reveal the thrill, excitement and terror of sledding down a hill on a snowy afternoon.  The few words in the book speak of all of the wonderful sounds that can be heard while whisking through the night on a sled!  LOVE this one!

  Check out this special 50 year anniversary of Ezra Jack Keats' Caldecott medal winner, The Snowy Day.  This is a long time favorite of mine!  I love how the simple, water color painting shows a little boy enjoying the simple pleasures of a newly fallen snow.  Celebrate the snowfall with little guy as he experiments with footprints, creates snow angels and sets aside snowballs for a future battle!

Lesson Plans/Activities:

1.  Create a snowman glyph about the snow!  Create a snowman based on some answers relating to snow activities.  For example, if you like to make snow angels, put a snow hat on your snowman.  If you prefer to make snowballs, create a top hat for your snowman.  Here is an example of a glyph that I've used for years.

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