Sunday, January 29, 2012

IF you liked Junie B. Jones, try this....

 If you liked Junie B. Jones, try Sara Pennypacker's series featuring Clementine.   Clementine is a silly, full of life, loving third grader who lives in Boston.  Clementine and her best friend, Margaret, live in the same building and while they both display very different personalities, they always seem to be there for each other when it counts. Clementine and Margaret often cause trouble and spend most of their time trying to escape from the mess they have created.  I thoroughly enjoy the clean (no words like stupid and idiot), fresh, touching nature of Clementine and her friends and can't wait to read more of Pennypacker's collection!  Kylie and Brynn are fans too!

Who's if for?  This series is best suited for children 7 and up.  The reading level is 2.4.  This book is perfect for a read-aloud to a classroom full of students or to read alone!

Here are some other Clementine books in the series:


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