Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gift ideas for ages 3-5! Day 3 of the Twelve Days of Christmas!

There's much to love about the tender minds of three, four and five year olds.  The magic of Christmas is all around them and their hearts are full of excitement and anticipation.  I usually wait until Thanksgiving to break out the Christmas loot, but having both a three and five year old got me into the spirit even earlier!  We are celebrating all of these magical moments for just a little bit longer this season and we're loving every minute of it!  Check out these books, perfect for the little ones in your life this Christmas season.

 Ever wonder what those snowmen that you build in your yard are up to at night?  In Carolyn Buehner's book, Snowmen at NIght, we find out just what those silly snowmen do just before they sneak back to their approximate spot that they were created.  In Snowmen at Christmas, we find out how these chilly friends celebrate the Christmas holiday.  The snowmen travel to the Town Square to visit with family and friends.  They make snow gifts, create flying snow reindeer and snowy Santas!  Like all of his other creations, each illustration, created by Mark Buehner, has a hidden picture within the snowy, cloudy drifts.     Have fun celebrating the magic of the season with this one!

 What little preschool child doesn't like a story involving farm animals?  In this fairly recent book release, Santa runs into problems with his sleigh and relies on some farm animals to help save Christmas.  This book is a perfect combination of humor, love and Christmas spirit definitely worth sharing.  You can be sure that I will be buying this for the little ones on my gift list.

  Are you a fan of those mistaken lyrics?  If so, you'll love this one!  Olive is a dog who hears the Rudolph song on the radio and thinks they're speaking about him!  He begins to think that he really is a reindeer.  That's when all of the silliness begins.  He travels to the North Pole and arrives just in time to help out the man in the red suit.  Although his flying skills are not quite up to par, his sniffing for cookies skills are right on the mark!  We are a big fans of this silly holiday book that, by the way, is nothing like the movie!  We are not big fans of the movie, but really get a kick out of mistaken lyrics and phrases made by our little ones, so this book fits right in!  Enjoy!

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