Thursday, December 1, 2011

The 12 Days of Christmas!! Day Two: The Elf on the Shelf

  Bippidy Bop, our family Elf, arrived a few years ago as a gift from a friend.  Since then, our little pixie elf has made quite an impact on our holiday traditions and Christmas spirit.  For those of you who are not familiar, The Elf on the Shelf arrives at your house sometime before Christmas to help Santa out a bit.  We've all wondered how in the world Santa could possibly keep track of our naughty or nice behavior and now we know!  He hires elves to visit homes and then report back to the North Pole with special information about each and every one of us.  He finds a new spot in the house each day and watches over us.  Elves don't like to be touched, but love to hear us talking, laughing and speaking kindly.  However, if we step out of line, he'll be sure to let the big man in the red suit know!!  The Elf on the Shelf has provided much fun to our holiday season, as our elf has been known to occasionally leave presents or notes.  Last year, Bippidy Bop brought us our Christmas PJs along with some new DVDs. The girls hop out of bed so quickly to see where he may be hiding or even better, to find out if he has brought a gift along with him.  Even Mommy reaps the benefits as a mere mention of Bippidy Bop or a point in his direction can stop that unpleasant tantrum from even beginning!  Hurry! Get yourself an elf!  If you already have one, please share some special traditions that you may have with your little pixie visitor!

Check out this video clip about The Elf on the Shelf!
The Elf on the Shelf


  1. Our little Elf, Scully, has been a tradition in our house for the past three years. My son jumps out of bed each morning to see what new spot Scully has found. He always seems to appear in the most interesting places. Plus sometimes Scully brings a surprise from Santa. Usually a book, DVD or game. It is nice to spread the Christmas cheer out over the whole month, rather than all at once on Christmas Day.

  2. Thanks goodness you introduced me to this one. Where would I be without Charlie? The kids would be devestated. xo


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