Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Since Thanksgiving and Christmas fever seem to be one in the same these days, 'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving, by Dav Pilkey is the perfect combination of Clement Moore's famous Christmas poem and Thanksgiving fun.  Eight boys and girls set out for a field trip to Farmer Mack Nugget's turkey farm and fall in love with all of the fluffy feathered turkeys.  Everybody is enjoying themselves until Farmer Mac Nugget discloses some information about future plans for the turkeys.  The children are horrified at the thought of having these very turkeys on their plates for Thanksgiving.  The students end up smuggling all of the turkeys on to the bus to save them from their unfortunate destiny.  The thanksgiving poem is sure to make your little ones laugh out loud!  Pilkey's 'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving is a definite November favorite!!  Enjoy!

Lesson Plans/Activities:
1.  Cut out a turkey pattern and glue it to a paper plate to create a turkey.  Then use craft items to disguise your turkeys.  Use cotton, fabric, tissue paper and any other scraps lying around.  Be sure to use the paper plate to make your turkeys sturdy enough to hold your disguise and don't forget to keep your turkey's eyes clear so that they can see!  Create sports players, dancers, other animals...anything to keep them from becoming dinner on Thanksgiving!

2.  Use this book as a springboard to a creative writing lesson.  Have your students pretend that they smuggled a turkey from Farmer Mac Nugget's farm and explain what happened to the turkeys.  Were they guests at your Thanksgiving dinner?  Did you make a new house for them?  Did they come to school with you?  Have fun!

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