Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Map Book

Looking for a great book to introduce the use of maps?  Still trying to find a way to get to know your students inside and out?  Trying to get your little ones to turn into writers?  Complete all of these tasks by reading My Map Book, by Sara Fanelli.  This book consists of a bunch of maps that look to be drawn by a young child.  They offer tons of information regarding the author's internal and external life.  Flip through pages of some maps that include a bedroom, a neighborhood and a road.  Then look at a map of the author's heart to see the things that are cherished most,  a stomach to find out favorite types of food and a map of a typical day that helps us learn so much more! The book jacket opens to an empty map canvas for your students to jump right into!  Take a peek at just a few of the lessons that can be introduced with the use of this unique book of maps.

Lesson Plans/Activities:
1.  Get a look inside your student's lives and have them create a map of their hearts.  Use the heart map as an example and have them include 7 to 8 of their favorite things or people.  Have them draw pictures and write names of people and items.  Turn this into a writing lesson by having the students write about what they care about.  The heart serves as a graphic organizer of the most important things in life.  Display the maps of their hearts with their writing.

2.  Introduce the "Star of the Week" idea with this book and have your students create their own map book to share with the class when it is their turn to be a star!


  1. I love the idea of being able to express yourself visually. Visual learning is important. The authors will have fun doing it as well!

  2. You are full of so many ideas. Always excited to see your posts. xo col


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