Thursday, October 20, 2011

The 13 Nights of Halloween!

                                         The countdown to halloween has begun!  Check out this new holiday book that mirrors the twelve days of Christmas to get you geared up for halloween!  The 13 Nights of Halloween, by Guy Vasolovich,  spooks us through 13 nights of scary, slimey, and disgusting gifts.  Mummy gives us everything from singing skulls to demons dancing and icky eyeballs!  Sing along and enjoy the fresh, vivid illustrations from Vasolovich's first children's book.  We're loving this new addition to our halloween book stash!

Lesson Plans/Activities:
1.  Mix math and art together and create a halloween scene of your own, following the rules of the book.  Draw the same amount of dancing demons, icky eyeballs and singing skulls that were given by Mummy!  Practice counting and create some spooky scenes for the fridge!
2.  Create your own "days of" book!  Relate the book idea to a certain theme in class or an upcoming holiday!

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