Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Favorite End of Summer Book Pick

With school right around the corner, I am finding myself trying to squeeze in all of those last minute summer activities that I want the girls to experience.  We've been to the beach, we've been to the water parks and we've been on long bike rides.  But what's better than a lemonade stand on these dog days of summer?  We were inspired by the book, Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink, by Victoria Kann.  Everybody loves Pinkalicious and this book is no exception.  Pinkalicious decides to have a lemonade stand to help pay for some gumballs.  She makes some lemonade with the help of her mother, but of course, needs to make it PINK! She ends up adding all sorts of non-traditional items that make her drink look great, but quickly finds that it doesn't taste so refreshing.  Her mommy finds a way to make things better. Kylie decided that she too wanted her own lemonade stand.  We invited a friend over and got to work.  We tried adding strawberries to our lemonade to make it pink.  Our lemonade didn't turn colors, but it did taste pretty good!! We made $4.25 in no time flat! We figured out how to attract customers with bubbles and prepare for the next "rush." We then split our profits into thirds and left 50 cents to the owner for the cost of the lemonade!  We learned so many math concepts without even realizing it!      

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