Sunday, August 21, 2011

First Day Jitters

First Day JittersWe all get a little nervous for that first day of school. Whether we're the student, the parent or the teacher.  Yes! Teachers get nervous too! I can remember the feeling in my stomach just moments before the students were to arrive on the first day.  I was nervous about how all of my plans would go, how the kids would react to me and the classroom.  But somehow, all of our jitters would subside once I read First Day Jitters, By Julie Danneburg.  Sarah wakes up on the first day of school and seems a bit nervous about attending a new school.  She struggles to wake and fusses over her clothing and breakfast.  All the while, Mr. Hartwell is trying to reassure her.  What the reader doesn't know is that Sarah is really a new teacher in the school, not a new student.  Her face is hidden in all of the pictures until the very end.  Every year, all of my students are shocked to find out that Sarah is really a teacher.  It seems to ease all of their little minds to know that they're not the only anxious ones.

Activities/lesson plans:
After reading the book, have your child or student write about or draw a picture of what makes them nervous about the first day of school.  You'll be amazed by the responses! By talking about and sharing their thoughts, you as a parent or teacher may be able to alter things to help your children become a little more at ease.

Have your students write a letter to themselves about how they are feeling on their first day of school.  Have them include details about what makes them nervous, as well as what activities they are excited about.  Have them place their papers in an envelope (my in-laws own a Hallmark store and give me envelopes! I like to use them whenever I can!) and save them for the end of the year.  The students will laugh at the little things that made them nervous!

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