Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tomie DePaola

What a fun evening! We got to meet Tomie DePaola! We will be reading a lot of his Strega Nona books now that we have his new book collection, The Magical World of Strega Nona.  There are 6 Strega Nona stories in the book, as well as a few more exciting treats that give us a chance to get to know Tomie a little better. There's a CD of the original Nona lullaby and some of Tomie's favorite recipes! 


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Susan G. Komen 3-day...How will you make a difference in 2015?

Back in August, the Rack Stars embarked on yet another 3-day walk in Minnesota.  As always, the walk was filled with tons of emotions.  It's always a fun little getaway with a very special bunch of people, but it's also a time to reflect on so many aspects of life.  While walking, we are forced to think about how lucky we are, how unlucky others have been and just how important our job is to raise awareness and funds for those suffering from cancer.   For the first time this year, I was asked to be a 3-day blogger for the event.  At first, it was just another way to further my reach as an advocate for breast cancer awareness.  However, it opened my eyes to so much more.  Each weekend after my own walk, I looked forward to following the journeys of so many other participants through Facebook, twitter and Instagram.  So many of us walk for so many different reasons.  We walk for our mothers, brothers, sisters, daughters and friends.  We walk for ourselves, for hope, for support and love of others.  But we ALL walk to make a difference in the lives of others.  As the new year approaches, how will you make a difference?  How about a 60 mile journey of a lifetime in 2015?

Click below to join the 3-day family and to make your mark on 2015.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to make your Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk full of awareness AND fun!

Well, everyone!  It's that time again!  Tomorrow I will be leaving for my 6th Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk!  This year, the RACK STARS are heading for Minnesota for the Twin Cities walk.  It's such an exciting and emotional event and I can't wait to make some memories to last a lifetime.  Here are 5 ways to make your Susan G. Komen 3-Day full of awareness AND fun!

1.  Do NOT buy cute new sneakers the day before the walk.  Wear the same shoes that you have been walking in....unless you want BIG BLISTERS!!

2.  Travel to a new 3-Day destination each year like the Rack Stars.  This way, it becomes a mini vacation for a very good cause:)

3.  Always come prepared for all types of weather.  It is often chilly in the early morning and toasty in the afternoon.  Water bottles, gloves, bandanas, ponchos, and sunscreen are a must!

4.  Take time to take in the sights and scenery along the route.  Take pictures, stop for a quick snack at a local shop, and enjoy the views.  Walking 60 miles through a city is definitely a unique way to explore!

5.  Wear matching outfits with your teammates!  It's makes you feel like a real team and will help through those last few miles.

Good luck to all of those walkers out there!  Be sure to follow me @betterwithabook on twitter and @ahamer on Instagram.   If you're not walking this year, plan on making a difference next year!   2015 registration is open for all walks, so make your plans now!  Just go to

Thursday, July 10, 2014

National Lemonade Days #onecupatatime

#Onecupatatime...It's as simple as that!  Last month, my two girls and some neighbors participated in the National Lemonade Days campaign to bring renewed attention to the fight against childhood cancer.  What a rewarding experience!  We received a kit from, which you too can receive just by registering your stand, to help kick start the festivities.
                              (Kit contents vary, depending on the time of year or event)
Look at all of that fun stuff!  Tons of support and options become available to you once your stand is registered.  You can even start a donation page or invite ambassadors of to come to your stand.

In just a couple of hours, the kids not only raised over $130, they got to experience a great sense of pride, knowing that the money they raised, all by themselves, was going to help children fighting the cancer fight.  I was just so impressed with the kids and knew that even though the task of hosting a lemonade stand seemed so simple and fun, that their direct involvement in the activity made a lasting impression.  I'm sure that the young founder, Alex Scott (1996-2004) would have been proud!

Please register today at to receive a kit to host your own lemonade stand!  Every day is a great day to fight childhood cancer #onecupatatime.

                                           Click here to order your own copy of this book!

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